About Us

Greystone is a fully integrated real estate development and investment company
specializing in single-family rental homes


Our Customer-Focused Team

At the heart of our success is a diverse team whose passion, commitment, and integrity are a critical part of every property we deliver. Our detailed insight into the markets we focus on and our relentless attention to every detail maximizes value for our high net worth investors. We are committed to the highest standards of excellence and strive to always exceed customer expectations and be the best in our industry.



Greystone leadership  began with a desire to create a business model to leverage secure, sustainable income and capital growth from Single Family Housing. With these objectives in mind, we developed our Build-to-Rent™ program for Single Family Housing in the US . The Build-to-Rent™ program focuses only on new construction rather than purchasing resale and remodeling, because our market research has indicated that the newly built home justifies premium rental rates and lower renter turnover, producing stable, superior returns and better home price appreciation for our investors. Greystone’s leadership is the company’s driving force and inspiration and works tirelessly to cultivate an environment of independence within each department so as to enable the highest levels of production and accountability.


Client Advisory

Our team of experienced property investment consultants is the direct link to our customers. We focus on providing attentive, individualized wealth management and advisory services geared towards the serious property investor with a high level of client engagement throughout the entire process.  It is vital that investors are continually educated and empowered with the right tools – we, therefore, place great emphasis on education, and offer cutting edge strategies as well as the latest property market research and reporting tools to empower the investor experience.

Investor Client Services

From the moment a client agrees to invest through Greystone, our Client Services team springs into action. Each investor is assigned one point of contact to stay on top of bureaucracy and untangle the complexities of their property investment. We handle every aspect of the ownership experience, ensuring all paperwork essential to the progress and completion of the investment is delivered in a timely manner.


No end-to-end real estate investment platform is complete without a strong finance team behind it. Meticulous and hardworking, our finance team is foundational not only to our core operations but also enables the success of our entire leveraged investment model. We provide both local and international investors access to multiple financing options at the best rates available to each investor’s qualifying profile and work with our clients to ensure the loan process goes through smoothly.



Our new construction ensures optimal size and layout – including the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, and square footage – that maximizes capital appreciation and hits the renter “sweet spot”. Our operations team boasts a detailed understanding of each market and is directly responsible for the construction and delivery of over 20,000 single family residential units. This experience, coupled with a highly efficient land acquisition and home building process delivers incredible pre-negotiated value for our customers.


Owner Services

One of the unique strengths of Greystone that we are able to handle every aspect of the investment and ownership experience in a seamless transition. Once the property is delivered, our property management arm Phillip Ryan, takes over from our investment client services.

Phillip Ryan provides our clients with the day-to-day property and tenant management services so that our local and foreign investors have complete visibility of their portfolio and complete peace of mind. Phillip Ryan also offers complete brokerage and resale services and will provide exit strategy options for each investor.


Contact Information
Corporate Office
2800 Livernois Rd., Ste. D220
Troy, MI  48083
t. +1.586.482.8156
f. +1.586.482.8159

Our Mission

We are committed to ensuring a legacy of integrity and value by building quality homes and communities for customers, enriching our investors through long-term wealth building strategies and sharing success with our employees. Greystone is dedicated to offering our customers superior products and services and to adding value for our investors through out expertise, innovation, foresight, and reliability.


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We’re Forward-Thinking

Our analysis of key MSA’s (Metropolitan Statistical Areas) allow us to highlight thriving local economies driven by pro-business legislation, favorable corporate and personal tax regimes at both city and municipal level and relatively low living costs that are highly attractive to both corporation relocation and significant inbound migration. These MSA’s are not only experiencing sustained growth today but are expected to be our “cities of the future” and are highly likely continue to create an environment where demand for rental accommodation will consistently out-pace supply. At 2.2m units, the last decade has seen the lowest increase of rentals added to our national inventory at a time when rental demand has surged by 7.9 million renters.


We're Solutions Oriented

We wanted to identify homes highly favored by Class “A” renters in order to minimize the challenges typically associated with renting as an asset class. These Class “A” homes appeal to high caliber tenants that tend to stay longer and take better care of their rental. We found a high proportion of Class “A” renters favor newer homes. Moreover, older homes on the resale market do not always offer the best floor plans. Our new builds optimize size and layout – including number of bedrooms and bathrooms – that hits the Class “A” renter demand “sweet spot” and offers the investor the most amount of protection against expensive repairs and upgrades down the line. In addition, new homes will offer the best capital appreciation versus older homes on the resale market.


Our End-to-End Platform

We wanted to make the investment experience as seamless as possible for you, our investor. From the moment a client executes their deposit one of our highly experienced Client Advisory team members will guide you through every aspect of the investment process, ensuring all milestones are expertly anticipated and handled ahead of time and providing maximum visibility over your asset. We are there to guide you through the entire process: from LLC and bank account set up, ensuring all financing documentation is taken care of, as well as providing a seamless transition to a superior ownership experience once the construction is complete.