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Forbes Listed Orlando “Top 10 cities to Invest in Housing” in 2016 HomeVestors Study Identifies Orlando “#1 Market in the US for Real Estate Investment”. called Orlando “Top 10 Best US Markets to Get Rich from Real Estate”

Orlando’s population increased more than 9% from July 1, 2010, to July 1, 2015, while in 2014, Orlando was the second-fastest growing metropolitan area in the US in with a YoY growth rate of more than 4.1%. From 2010 to 2014 metro Orlando posted the third largest increase in working age population of the 30 most populous metro areas in the US.

Orlando high population growth coupled with easily obtainable mortgages in the early to mid-2000’s allowed the city to have an above average homeownership rate. However, since 2006, with new mortgage rules in place, Orlando’s new home starts are not keeping pace with its population growth.

This imbalance between demand and supply is enabling investors to invest in new, single-family homes for exceptional rental return and home price appreciation. Between January 2015 to January 2016, metro Orlando’s median home price increased 13.9%.  And with continued high population growth, rental homes in Orlando are in high demand leading to expected higher rents and higher returns for investors.

Orlando is investing $15 billion in infrastructure to provide better transportation, employment opportunities, and quality of life amenities. A few of the new and upcoming investments posted by the Orlando Economic Development Commission on November 15, 2015, include:

  • $2.3 billion in an overhaul of Interstate 4 which connects the Gulf of Mexico to the Atlantic
  • $2.2 billion express train connecting Orlando to Miami called BrightLine by All Aboard Florida
  • $1.8 billion expansion at Orlando International Airport
  • $1.6 billion creation of the Wekiva Parkway, completing Orlando’s beltway system
  • $650 million expansion at Port Canaveral
  • $615 million investment in the region’s commuter rail system, SunRail
  • $488 million for a brand new Dr. Phillips Performing Arts Center
  • $207.7 million for renovations to the Citrus Bowl
  • $155 million Orlando City (MLS) Soccer Stadium
  • $200 million Sports Entertainment Complex

These investments in transportation, employment, and amenities show Orlando among the most forward-looking areas in the country fostering its population growth by attracting new residents from around the US.



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