Purchasing Investment Property in the US ?

Considerations when planning to purchse US property as a foreign national

This program evolved out of a desire to develop a best-in-class model that offers a superior alternative to buying homes on the secondary market. From beginners starting with their first home, to sophisticated, institutional, real estate investors purchasing in bulk, the Build-to-Rent™ platform offers a truly first rate ownership and investment experience. Take a minute and read through why using our Build-to-Rent program is the right investment for you.

Establishment of an LLC

For sound legal and tax reasons Greystone recommends all foreign nationals should consider establishing a US based (Limited Liability Corporation), if they have not done so already. While there are initial costs involved there are many benefits to holding your assets in an LLC.

  • Your Liability is Limited:
    Your LLC holds the property, so if the occupants decide they want to sue the property owners, while both the LLC and the owners can be named in the suit, as long as the LLC is funded and managed correctly from the beginning, only the net tangible assets assigned to the LLC are responsible. This potentially shields the members from exposure to their world-wide assets to the legal liability that your property may incur.
  • Easy Transfer of Assets
    LLC’s are a superior vehicle for Estate Planning. Assets can be transferred to heirs and successors without disturbing title and, if the LLC is set up with a Living Trust, the assets are not frozen by the probate courts. This lowers the costs and encumbrances of direct ownership and with greater levels of freedom and flexibility.
  • Privacy
    The LLC is the named owner of property, not individual. If the ownership is further shielded by a Privacy Trust, then the name of the Trust will appear on public records.

LLC Formation and Running Costs

Greystone provides all our foreign nationals a suite of services including the initial set up of your LLC with all required legal agreements establishing your US based LLC at a discounted, one time flat rate of $600 plus state filing fees. All LLCs are required to have a registered agent (RA), who collects your correspondence for tax and bookkeeping purposes. An RA fee can vary depending on the amount of work, starting at around $100 per year. However, Greystone takes on the position of the RA free of charge.

Accounting and Tax Benefits of Using an LLC

We work with a panel of leading US accountants that understand how to maximize the tax advantages, write-offs, and deductions that naturally accrue when owning property through an LLC. LLC’s are pass-through corporations that are legal for foreign buyers, meaning all income is passed through the corporation to your personal home country tax returns. LLCs are also designed to maximize the tax deductions and benefits that are accorded to all US nationals, too. All startup and capital costs associated with getting the rental business off the ground, including licenses, permits, registration, legal, associated travel, and agency and other professional fees, including CPA fees, can be expensed.

Same treatment on Short & Long-Term Capital Gains Tax:

Capital Gain Tax (CGT) accruing on assets held one year or less is taxed at the ordinary income rates in effect for that year ranging from 10% – 35%. CGT accruing on assets held longer than a year are generally applied under the long-term CGT rate which depends on what income tax bracket the investor falls under. Zero Percent Rate if total income including capital gains, places investor in the 10% – 15% tax bracket, up to $75,000. 15% Rate if total income (including capital gains) places investor in the 25% tax bracket or higher.

Capital Gains 1031 Exchange Program

Another benefit enjoyed by foreign nationals is the 1031 Exchange Program, which allows deferment of gains accrued upon the sale of real estate by investing the proceeds of disposal into similar properties, within a defined period of time. This does not eliminate the liability but sequesters the liability as long as the new investment is not sold. Once the new investment is disposed of, Capital Gains is due, unless the investor elects to use the 1031 Exchange program for another investment, and so on.

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